President of the Professional
Association of Andrologists of Russia
Dear colleagues,
We are living and working in times that change at an incredible speed. Developments in society, its way of living and technology are proceeding faster and faster. This trend of dynamic change and growth is obvious the minute you step on the great Asian land. Russia has always been on the way from European civilizations to Asia therefore being kind of bridge between West and East. This is reflected in the logo of Russian-Asian Andrology Congress held from May 24-26, 2014 in Russia for the first time.

Idea of bringing Asian and Western andrologists together in unique city of St. Petersburg has been in the air for the last few years. This ‘Venice of the North’ is associated with bridges, which are risen in the night (for navigation reasons) and descent in the early morning when the city is waking up. This allegory is representing the integration of new rising and developing Eastern societies in the modern global economy. As an evidence of this trend we may notice entry of Russia in WTO lately.

In order to cope with these modern challenges there should be constant mutual exchange of experiences, discussions, which are achieved effectively in the course of international meetings. 1st Russian-Asian Andrology Congress would be an excellent platform for becoming familiar with the current developments in Andrology. Moreover, here specialists from all over the world would have fantastic opportunity to exchange their experiences.

Therefore I would like to invite you to the 1st Russian-Asian Andrology Congress, which would be held in May in St.Petersburg and am looking forward to meeting you there.

Best regards, Peter A. Scheplev
Chairman of Scientific Commetee
Of the 1st Russian-Asian Andrology Congress
9th Congress of Professional Association on Andrologists of Russsia
9th Euroasian Andrological Summit
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends, I am a lucky person to take part again in the compiling of scientific program of the 9th Congress of Professional Association of Andrologists in Russia and 1st Russian-Asian Andrology Congress.

We will meet with You again in Saint-Petersburg which is the city of 3 revolutions or as it is often called “Northern Palmyra”.

This charming city from 24 to 26th of May 2014 will become the capital of scientific discussions and the most interesting dialogs between andrologists from leading countries of Europe and Asia. On this sunny days and white nights we will together be able to breathe the special air of atmosphere of “Northern Venice”, to spend unforgettable time in scientific discussions and to learn about new gains of our colleagues in “guild”.

For the first time at the Congress we are discussing the most important questions of urological andrology due to pathogenetic reasons of disease and its metaphylaxis. The great part of Conference program dedicated to genital surgery, men’s factor of sterility, onco-urology, new methods of treatment for urological disease. Interdisciplinary approach will be used during discussion of protocols and algorithms of protocols’ formation.

Session on x-ray imaging and interventional methods of treatment in uroandrology is one of innovations for this scientific forum.

During the session participants will learn the latest technology for diagnostics of andrological disease.

142 speakers from 10 countries will take part in the scientific disputes of the Congress. They are from: Russia, China, India, Korea, Japan, Germany, Austria, Portugal, the USA and Ukraine. We will spend together 12 most interesting sessions.

Everyone who is going to take part in the 1st Russian-Asian Uro-Andrology Congress will remember the charming attraction of the City on the Neva-river for a long time. It will plunge participants in the atmosphere of professional communication, international collaboration and live scientific search.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who is going to join us these days, to all of you who is aiming to get the best experience from the best experts in the world. Thanks to these specialists who understand the value of professional growth and who strive in their practice to boundless perfection. The medicine develops because of them.

I will be glad to see You in May in Saint-Petersburg on the 1st Russian-Asian Andrology Congress.

Best regards, Oleg Zhukov